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  Chengdu Senge environment protection technology Co., Ltd is one of the biggest ion exchange resin and water treatment manufacturer in China, which has established a good reputation and credibility in the industry at home and abroad. We provide Strong Acid Cation, Strong Base Anion, Weak Acid Cation and Weak Base Anion resin series with more than 200 kinds of products. Products are widely used for electricity, petrochemical, metallurgy, food, dyes, drinking water, bio-pharmacy, nuclear industry and other leading edge technology industries. In the meantime, we possess advanced and complete water treatment equipment with best after-sale service, including anti-penetration equipment(RO device) and ion exchange equipment. Products are popular in china and also exported to the US, Japan, India, Vietnam and so on.

  The core technologies and innovative products are the competitive edges of a company. Our investment in R&D each year covers more than 10% of its total sales revenue. Besides, Sanger always follows the concept of quality first, and has strict production standards and quality control. Any interested party from home and abroad is welcome for communication and cooperation with us in scientific research, new product development and trade.


Chengdu Senger Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

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Contact person: Manager Liu

Location: 028-65357899

Mobile phone: 15680686111

Email: chinaresin@sgrhb.com


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