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What conditions are needed for regeneration of Sichuan anion exchange resin?

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What conditions are needed for regeneration of Sichuan anion exchange resin?

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  What conditions are needed for ion exchange resin regeneration?

  Regeneration and backwashing of anion exchange resin is the key point in water treatment equipment. There are many factors affecting resin regeneration, such as selection of resin regenerant and different concentration of softening resin regeneration solution. In order to get the ideal regeneration effect, we must always adjust the resin regeneration process, and then determine which is the best regeneration condition.

  Regeneration Conditions of Sichuan Anion Exchange Resin

  1. Different kinds of regenerants

  Generally speaking, the regeneration performance of external hydrochloric acid is better than that of sulfuric acid, but in fact, the investment of using sulfuric acid is less than that of hydrochloric acid. The purity of regenerant is high, so the resin regeneration is good, especially the effect of anion resin regeneration is greater.

  2. dosage of regenerant

  The amount of regenerant used in anion exchange resin is an important factor affecting its regeneration. The concept of regenerant input refers to the amount of regenerant used in a certain volume of resin, in units of kg/m3 (resin) or g/L (resin). In fact, there is another way to express the amount of regenerant used, that is, to estimate the pure regeneration dose required to obtain the unit operating capacity.


  3. Concentration of regeneration solution of anion exchange resin

  The high and low concentration of resin regeneration solution is usually closely related to the regeneration method chosen by resin. Generally speaking, the concentration of regeneration solution of ion exchange resin in Sichuan is usually higher than that in countercurrent regeneration. Usually 3% to 55% hydrogen chloride is preferable, and 2% to 4% sodium hydroxide is preferable.

  Suitable regeneration method of anion exchange resin

  Anion exchange resin agents give three different ways for resin regeneration, different agents will adopt the same way of regeneration, that is, moving from top to bottom, using convective regeneration method can achieve good water quality, so this is a favorite method for many manufacturers.

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