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Enhanced Regeneration of Ion Exchange Resin

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Enhanced Regeneration of Ion Exchange Resin

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  Ion exchange resin manufacturers said that sometimes, ion exchange resin as a compacted whole will be completely upgraded, we only need to use a very low flow rate to enhance the backwashing effect, slowly increase the flow until the resin fully expands.

  Introduction of resin backwashing process

  The backwashing process needs operators to observe and adjust at any time. The smallest particles are first backwashed into the resin, so it is necessary to observe the change of turbidity regularly, which can enhance the effect of resin backwashing.

  In the evening, the overall change of resin in the resin tank is observed through the window. The reflection light on the window during the day makes it difficult to observe. Therefore, it is necessary to install a glass window, so that all the light will be reflected to the resin tank, not only this but also help to better observe the internal situation of the ion exchange resin column.

  In the process of backwashing, the backwashed resin is often backwashed and most of the resin particles are chemically analyzed. In addition, the appearance of the resin particles is also analyzed.

  Pretreatment of Ion Exchange Resin

  First of all, hot water is repeatedly cleaned. The temperature of ion exchange resin is between seventy degrees Celsius and eighty degrees Celsius. So the anion resin does not have good heat resistance, so the pretreatment must control the temperature until there is no foam.


  The ion exchange resin is regenerated again. First, the resin is placed in hydrochloric acid solution and immersed for about four hours. Then, the column of hydrochloric acid solution with almost the same volume concentration of three to four times resin is used until the tap water becomes neutral.

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