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Sichuan cation exchange resin

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Sichuan cation exchange resin

Date of release:2019-05-14 Author:成都森格尔环保科技有限公司 Click:

  Sichuan cation exchange resin

  1. Weak acidic cationic resins

  Weak acidic cationic resins contain weak acidic groups, which are weak in acidity, i.e. dissociation. It is difficult to dissociate and ion exchange at low PH. They can only work in alkaline, neutral or slightly acidic solutions (e.g. PH5-14). These resins are also regenerated with acid (which is easier to regenerate than strong acid resins).

  2. Strong acidic cationic resin

  Strong acidic cationic resins contain a large number of strong acidic groups and have strong dissociation ability. They can dissociate and produce ion exchange in acidic or alkaline solutions.


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Contact person: Manager Liu

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