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D301SC macroporous weak basic anion exchange resin

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D301SC macroporous weak basic anion exchange resin

  • Taxonomy:Weak Base Anion Resin Series

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  • Date of release:2019/06/21
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  1. Product characteristic

  This product is macroporous structure styrene and divinyl benzene copolymer molecule with tertiary amine groups ion exchange resin. Its basicity is weaker. It can exchange inorganic acid effectively in acid, nearly neutral medium. In addition, it can absorb large size molecular anion and be used in nonaqueous solution. It has the advantages of high regeneration efficiency, large exchange capacity, strong resistance pollution ability, well mechanical strength.

  2. Corresponding foreign mark

  Purolite A100; Amberlite IRA94; Bayer MP62; Dow Dowex 66.

  3. Carried standard

  DL519-93 SH2605.09-1997 HG/T2165-91 Q/JH 105-2002

  4. Physical and chemical property


  Ionic form: the free amine type Appearance: milky white opaque sphericity particles

  5. Application

  It is mainly used for pure water, high pure water preparation, as front yin bed, bunk bed, etc, it will improve running economic benefit significantly used cooperatively with strong basicity anion resin. This product is also used in electroplating, disposal and recycling of wastewater containing chromium,etc

  6. Package and storage

  This product is packaged by woven bag lined with plastic sheets. 25kg or 25L per bag. It can also be packaged by plastic drum or other container according to customer’s demand.

  This product is dangerous goods.the storage temperature is 5-40℃. It is forbidden to dehydration,exposure

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