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Cation Exchanger Engineering Site

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Cation Exchanger Engineering Site

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Cation Exchanger Engineering Site


  Cation exchanger, also known as the positive bed, can be divided into hydrogen type and sodium type according to the reagents used for resin regeneration; sodium type cation exchanger is called softener or sodium ion exchanger. Ion exchangers can be divided into sodium ion exchangers, yin-yang beds and mixed beds.

  The shell of ion exchange column (apparatus) is generally made of rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC), rigid polyvinyl chloride composite glass fiber reinforced plastic (PVC-FRP), organic glass (PMMA), PMMA-FRP, steel liner (JR), stainless steel liner and other materials. Mainly used in boilers, thermal power plants, chemical industry, light industry, textiles, medicine, biology, electronics, atomic energy and pure water treatment, industrial production needs hard water softening, deionized water preparation occasions, but also used in food and drug decolorization and purification, precious metals, chemical raw materials recovery, electroplating wastewater treatment.

  Mixed bed is to pack anion-cation exchange resin in the same ion exchanger according to a certain mixing proportion. The exchange reaction can be carried out thoroughly because the H ion and OH ion entering the water after mixed ion exchange immediately produce water molecules with very low ionization degree. Mixed bed is usually set up after the first-stage compound bed, and the water quality is further purified. When the water quality requirements are not high, it can also be used alone.

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Contact person: Manager Liu

Location: 028-65357899

Mobile phone: 15680686111

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