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Water treatment equipment field

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Water treatment equipment field

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  In brief, water treatment equipment, "water treatment" is a physical and chemical means to remove some substances in water that are not needed for production and life.

  Water treatment equipment is a process of settling, filtering, coagulation, flocculation, corrosion inhibition, scale inhibition and other water quality conditioning for specific purposes. Because social production and life are closely related to water, water treatment has a wide range of applications and constitutes a huge industrial application.

  The common water treatment includes sewage treatment and drinking water treatment. The commonly used water treatment agents are: polyaluminium chloride, polyaluminium ferric chloride, basic aluminium chloride, polyacrylamide, activated carbon and various filter materials. The effect of water treatment can be measured by water quality standards.

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Contact person: Manager Liu

Location: 028-65357899

Mobile phone: 15680686111

Email: chinaresin@sgrhb.com


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