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Exchange capacity of ion exchange resin

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Exchange capacity of ion exchange resin

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  On the Exchange Capacity of Ion Exchange Resin

  1. The exchange capacity of regeneration indicates the exchange capacity of regenerated resin obtained at a certain regeneration dose, indicating the degree of regeneration and recovery of the original chemical groups in the resin.

  Usually, the regeneration exchange capacity is 50-90% of the total exchange capacity (70-80% of the general control), while the working exchange capacity is 30-90% of the regeneration exchange capacity (for regenerated resins), the latter ratio is also known as the utilization rate of resins.

  2. Total exchange capacity, which represents the total amount of chemical groups per unit number (weight or volume) of resins capable of ion exchange reactions.

  3. Work exchange capacity, which indicates the ion exchange capacity of resin under certain conditions, is related to the type of resin and total exchange capacity, as well as the specific working conditions such as the composition of solution, flow rate, temperature and other factors.

  In practical use, the exchange capacity of ion exchange resin includes the adsorption capacity, but the proportion of the latter varies with the structure of the resin. At present, it is still unable to calculate separately. In the specific design, it needs to be revised by empirical data and checked in actual operation.

  The exchange capacity of ion resins in Sichuan Province is generally determined by inorganic ions. These ions are small in size and can freely diffuse into the resin body, reacting with all the exchange groups inside it. In practical application, the solution often contains macromolecule organic compounds, which are large in size and difficult to enter the micropore of the resin, so the actual exchange capacity will be lower than that measured by inorganic ions. This is related to the type of resin, the size of the pore structure and the treated substance.

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