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Characteristics of Ion Exchange Resin

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Characteristics of Ion Exchange Resin

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  Ion exchange resin has strong dissociation ability and can dissociate and produce ion exchange in acidic or alkaline solution. After a period of time, the ion exchange resin should be regenerated, that is, the ion exchange reaction is carried out in the opposite direction with chemicals, so that the functional groups of the resin can be restored to their original state for reuse.


  As an ion exchange resin, in terms of its operation or use, the problem encountered is the strength of the resin itself. For example, the resin running in a single bed must withstand frequent repeated regeneration and failure; the resin in a mixed bed system will also encounter the mechanical force produced by resin separation in vitro; and the resin running in condensate water will suffer from high flow rate, high water temperature and abrasion during resin transportation and transformation. Therefore, the first problem in selecting resins is to consider the strength of the resins themselves.

  Whether water treatment system or any other system, the performance evaluation of ion exchange resin is aimed at continuous large water output and high water quality. There are basically two viewpoints: one is that the gel resin has obvious lower initial cost, better chemical performance and lower running cost.

  Another idea is that macroporous resin has excellent osmotic shock resistance, so macroporous resin has longer life span than gel resin, which counteracts the cost of resin itself. Despite their respective reasons and bases, the controversy between the two views has neglected that choosing an appropriate ion exchange resin will unite the above controversy, which will change people's traditional view of ion exchange resin.

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