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Application of Cation Exchange Resin

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Application of Cation Exchange Resin

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  All along, people have been very interested in using cationic exchange lipid to get soft water. Now a special article introduces the brief knowledge of cationic exchange lipid. In fact, using ion exchange to get soft water is not suitable for ornamental players, because of its high cost and large area, it is not recommended for everyone to use, but it is quite convenient for breeding farms and can get a lot of soft water. There are also many misunderstandings here. Some fishermen buy their own products, but they can't use them. One is the misunderstanding of transformation, the other is the misunderstanding of usage. A small amount of ions will soon be saturated, and sinking tanks are not desirable. Because of the lack of knowledge on ion exchange, one-time discarding of ions can not be reused. So the following is a small Science Lecture on ion exchange to get soft water.

  For example, if a liter of ions can handle 50 liters of water at standard flow rate, 5 liters of ions can handle 500 liters of water, 10 liters of ions can handle 5 tons of water, and 15 liters of ions can handle 15 tons of water. (For example, the above data are inaccurate.)

  The cationic commodity states are all sodium-type. The exchanged water is alkaline (see my other post: the experiment for Milaoshan). Because the sodium type releases a sodium in the water corresponding to each exchange of calcium and magnesium ions, the PH will rise while the hardness of carbonate decreases.

  3. When using cations to get soft water, it must be transformed. It is relatively difficult to convert sodium cations to hydrogen cations. Briefly introduce that mono-acid-base-mono-acid is converted to hydrogen type. One-alkali-mono-acid-base is converted to sodium type. The ratio of reaction solution is hydrochloric acid concentration: 39% of original solution diluted to 8% concentration of acid solution. The ratio of reaction solution to alkali solution concentration: 97% of drying tablets is converted to 7% concentration of alkali solution. According to 1.5-2.0 tons per hour through ions, and then pure water cleaning to the PH value of about 3.5. The same flow of alkali through ions, PH washing to about 14. The same flow through acid, and finally pure water washing to PH 4.5 or more. Transition reaction time for each 25 minutes.

  4-ION regenerated hydrogen ions need to be regenerated after poisoning (saturation). 8% concentration acid solution is heated to 45 degrees to pass through ions at 1.5-2.0 tons per hour. Finally, it can be washed in pure water to over PH4.5. (5-fold ion regeneration liquid is recycled through ions, this method is dynamic regeneration)

  The use and protection of solid collagen in chlorine water caused serious damage to the resin, which would lead to the fragmentation of the ionic shelf, and the ion could not be reused through regeneration. Therefore, water pretreatment equipment, high density cotton filter and activated carbon must be set up when using, where chlorine caused the most serious damage to the resin, so chlorine must be extracted through the unit volume of activated carbon. (The tap water flow is 25 kg of coconut shell carbon.) That's fine.

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